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taught by Lewis Howes

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Lewis Howes
Lewis Howes

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Designing Your Product
Intro Unit 1
1.1 Crafting Your Product Idea: Brainstorm
1.2 Crafting Your Product Idea: Feedback
1.3 Crafting Your Product Idea: Decision Time!
1.4 Creating Your Course Name
1.5 Getting Organized with Your Domain
1.6 Your Logo
1.7 Creating Your Content
1.8 Creating Your Bonuses
1.9 Recording Your Content
1.10 Bootcamp “Style” Courses
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Unit 2: Creating Your Course
Intro Unit 2
2.1 Creating Your Course
2.2 Adding Your Course Content
2.3 High Converting Landing/Sales Pages
2.4 Styling Your Membership Course
2.5 Managing Your Members
2.6 Advanced Membership Course Features
2.7 Getting Paid
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Unit 3: Sales Setup
Intro Unit 3
3.1 Pricing Your Course
3.2 Guarantees & Refund Policies
3.3 Thank You Pages, Downsells & Upsells
3.4 Enrollment Periods
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Bonus Unit 1: Framing Your Expertise
B1.1 Expert Training (Social Proof, Testimonials, Bios, Headshots)
B1.2 Engaging Your Audience
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Bonus Unit 2: Growing Your List
B2.1 List Building with Social Media
B2.2 Social Media Marketing
B2.3 Affiliate Marketing
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Bonus Unit 3: Advertising
B3.1 Intro to Facebook Ads, Automation and Webinars
B3.2 Intro to Online Advertising
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The Perfect Customer
How to Get Raving Testimonials
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