7 Figure Webinars *new*

taught by Lewis Howes

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Lewis Howes
Lewis Howes

Course Curriculum

Unit 1: $1K 7-Day Webinar Challenge
Email Template Library
Software Discounts
Intro to Unit 1
1.1 Your $1K 7-Day Webinar Challenge
1.2 My Student John
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Unit 2: How to Create An Irresistible Offer
Intro to Unit 2
2.1 Financial Goals & Pricing Strategies
2.2 Creating Your Irresistible Offer
2.3 How to Sell a Product Before You Create It (Bootcamps)
2.4 Creating & Delivering Your Bootcamp
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Unit 3: Webinar Setup Made Simple
Intro to Unit 3
3.1 Winning Software Combinations
3.2 Components of a High Converting Landing Page
3.4 How You Get Paid: Checkout Pages
3.3 Must-Haves on a Thank You Page
3.5 Sales Pages & Replay Pages
3.6 Membership Site: Recommended Software
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Unit 4: Webinar Promotion
Intro to Unit 4
4.1 Organic & Paid Social Media Marketing
4.1.1 Facebook Advertising Mini Course (Part 1)
4.1.2 Facebook Advertising Mini Course (Part 2)
4.1.3 Facebook Advertising Mini Course (Part 3) with Brittany
4.2 Email Marketing
4.3 Lead Magnets
4.3.1 Pick Your Topic
4.3.2 Write Your Content
4.3.3 Create Your Opt In
4.3.4 Capturing Leads
4.3.5 Utilizing Quizzes
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Unit 5: Your Winning Webinar Formula
Intro to Unit 5
5.1 7-Step Webinar Sequence
5.2 What Content to Teach on your Free Webinar
5.3 Your Pitch: How to Transition from Free Content to Your Offer
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Unit 6: The Main Event! Your Live Webinar
Intro to Unit 6
6.1 Pre-Webinar Checklist
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Unit 7: Double Down Follow-Up Process
Intro to Unit 7
7.1 Post-Webinar Email Marketing
7.2 Follow-Up Best Practices
7.3 After Your First Webinar
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Bonus 1: Advanced Training on Tracking and Optimization
Bonus 2: Advanced Training on Webinar Conversion Calculator
Bonus 3: Advanced Training on Webinar Automation / Evergreen Webinars
Bonus 4: Advanced Training on Working With Affiliates
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Continued Coaching
Continued Coaching Links
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Interested in this course? Email us at support@schoolofgreatness.com